FG Falcon – Safest Aussie-built car…

August 20, 2008

It is 100% official! Ford Australia’s new-for-2008 FG Falcon is the first ever Aussie built car to score 5 stars in the ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) crash tests. This nudges the Toyota Aurion off the top of the podium, puts it second & moves the VE Holden Commodore into third. For the official press release, follow though…

Ford’s all-new FG Falcon has become the first Australian-built car to receive a five-star safety rating from the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

The petrol FG Falcon sedan range was awarded the maximum five-star safety rating with a total score of 34.6 points (out of a possible 37 points), giving it the highest score ever recorded by a locally-produced car in Australia by a significant margin.

The FG Falcon’s five-star score places it in the top seven per cent of all published ANCAP results, as well as in the top 24 per cent of published ANCAP five-star results.

It also positions the FG Falcon at the forefront of vehicle safety in Australia, with the recently released all-new model generating a higher point score than many significantly higher-priced, premium European vehicles1 with established reputations for world-class safety.

“The petrol FG Falcon sedan range has been judged by ANCAP as being the safety leader amongst locally-manufactured vehicles, cementing Ford’s long standing reputation for safety leadership in Australia,” Ford Australia President Bill Osborne said.

“We design our cars to deliver real-world safety benefits for our customers. This result is a resounding third party endorsement of the extensive safety development program undertaken for the all-new FG Falcon.

“Not only is the FG Falcon the safest vehicle ever produced in this country, it is also competitive with the safest sedans in the world.

“These safety test results add further validation to the extensive crash simulation process and physical crash test program conducted by Ford Australia for the FG Falcon, which was the most comprehensive in the company’s history.”

More than 38 different vehicle crash modes were investigated by Ford during the course of the vehicle’s development, with 426 full vehicle-representative physical crash tests and more than 5,000 state-of-the-art simulated crash tests completed.

The petrol FG Falcon sedan scored maximum points in two of the three physical crash tests performed by ANCAP, setting a new standard in vehicle safety for a locally-manufactured family car, with its world-class body structure and comprehensive suite of active and passive safety features. (See source for safety tables.)

Source: Ford.com.au


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