Not so good news at FoA…

August 25, 2008

In a shock announcement this week, Ford Australia president, Bill Osbourne, has revealed he has resigned from the presidential position. Press release snippets and another story after the jump…

“Bill has made significant contributions during his career with Ford Motor Company, and we wish him and his family all the best with his future endeavor,” said Parker.

“Ford Australia will continue to play a vital role in the future success of Ford Motor Company and within the Asia Pacific and Africa region, with greater input and alignment across all areas of the business, particularly product development, information technology, purchasing and marketing and sales,” added Parker.

Bill’s replacement will be announced in due course…

And now, for the other not so good news…

It has also been announced that 350 jobs throughout Ford’s workforce. These job cuts come as large car sales keep declining leaving FoA with little local production selling. Ford Australia’s spokeswoman, Sinead McAlary, had this to say:

“We expect the total industry to soften for the second half of this year, It started in July and we anticipate that we’ll see more of these actions across the industry for the rest of this year.”

To put this job cut into perspective, the sale figures tell it all. The introduction of the FG Falcon has kept Falcon sales figures acceptable, but too many Falcons are still in showrooms after arrival. But Territory figures are worse: 1555 this time last year, down to 1028 vehicles this year so far…

Though do not expect this to be a nail in the coffin. As Ford announced earlier this year, FoMoCo Australia will take over production of all RHD Focus models ( except XR5T / ST) from 2011 onwards – this move should create a minimum of 300 jobs at Geelong and Broadmeadows…


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