Ford meeting with dealers – discussing future cars & dealership closures…

August 28, 2008

In the height of the dismal performance of the auto-market year of 2008, Ford has decided to meet with dealerships all over the USA to discuss future Ford products, product volume & market conditions. With cash incentives of up to $700,000 to close up shop, 500 Ford dealerships across the USA have indeed done so since mid 2006, with 150 + since January 1 2008. More after the jump…

Although Ford isn’t announcing the number of dealerships it is closing, Ford is hoping there are enough closures to keep the existing dealerships healthy. It is hoped that every existing dealership after the closures can achieve a steady rate of about 1500 cars per month & every Lincoln / Mercury dealership to sell 600 units in those same months – which would equate to a heck of a lot more cars than their already 4000 dealers sell. And to convince dealers to sell up (or merge) quicker, Ford Market Representation, Director David Kelleher, is giving a hint that these incentives might not last that long…

Source: Autoblog



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