Fusion GT delayed to 2012…

September 3, 2008

Motor Trend magazine has reported that the rumoured Fusion GT, which could be powered by a 250+kW EcoBoost V6 & and AWD drivetrain, has been delayed to at least 2012. This is thought to have been created to be a limited production super-Fusion special to be the ‘last hurrah’ to the current platform (before Ford USA switches over to the “EUCD” platform that currently underpins the Mondeo in the near future).

The article states that the GT may have to be introduced after the new model – by which time Ford’s ability to produce turbocharged, direct-inject engines is up to speed. And the good news is that the other rumoured performance Ford – the spiritual Taurus SHO successor – has not been canned altogether – with the model being avaliable by 2012…

Source: Motor Trend


One comment

  1. just build it and i will buy 1 or 2.as long as it is under 30k,cars are way to much alredy stop rapng the public and put the cars in a lower price rang,please.a real ford blue bleeder. I OWEN 3SVT CONTOURS,ONE STOCK 2 WITH 3.0L AND 1 SOON TO BE TURBO.oNE FUSION SEL V6 ONE MOER ON THE WAY THAT WILL BE NOT YOUR NORMAL V6.1.BULLITT ,1 2005 MUSTAG GT.SO JUST MAKE THE GT FUSION,BECUSE THEIR IS A MARKET,JUST LOOK AT THE WEBSITES……

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