September 6, 2008

WebWombat.com.au has recently finished pitching FPV’s new FG GT-P against HSV’s VE GTS. In recent years, the HSV GTS has been quoted as “being in a class of its own” & “the best ever Aussie Grand Tourer”. I think this review changes these comments…



  1. the new ford FG is better than the holden VE the ford may cost more but u get WHAT YOU PAY FOR

  2. Quite disturbing reading all these complaints when I got a much worse case with no help.
    I’ve recently purchased a brand new Sv6 feb 2008 atomic green from Holden Dealership for $41,900.
    My front right, as well as my front left now have a loud clunk as if there’s metal shifting out of place at any speed loud enough for people to turn around & look. As well of a sound of a metal rod vibrating (ruler on desk.) driving with the camber of the road sets it off as well as accelerating and braking
    I have taken it back to Holden on two occasions, first time they said it was only the sway bar bushes and there was the wrong size fitted. After getting it back there was still that ‘knock so I returned it for the second time to only hear it was the engine mounts this time and that the engine mounts get real loose as if there shifted.
    I was happy they have diagnosed the problem, but I received it back the second time, quiet for the first day and still have the clunk and the metal ruler sound. Sometimes really bad. There’s clearly something wrong with this car. Something is shifting and causing the engine mounts to shift. I Dont feel confident driving it.
    I am totally not satisfied with the vehicle and want something done about this. On two occasions I’ve heard off Holden that there’s been a lot of customers with same problem and there still trying to find out what it is . That was enough for me. Whats the story Holden? You spent over $1billion on the car and only for what?
    I’ve booked it In for another time, this time he wants to go for a drive to hear the noise only I bet it doesn’t happen and he will take me for a fool. This noise Comes about mostly first 10 mins of driving from cold car so I hope there’s something.
    H E L P! Any suggestions?

  3. Dean, my Dad’s ba Falcon has the knocking at the rear issue. Apparently the ba model is notorious for this. It sounds like ball bearings rolling around on metal in the boot. It’s only evident when braking. So I’m guessing an issue with the brake pads. I’m not sure about the VE though, by the sounds of it it could be anything really, something might have came loose, or it could be a fault from the factory. I’d keep Holden’s ear. You payed good money for the car. Holden are dismal when it comes to customer service, I should know I drive VX and have had bad experiences, especially with dealer servicing. But I’d keep on their case until the fix the problem.

  4. I’m disgusted that people calling the GTS the best in its class. WTF the FPV F6 has been destorying the HSV rival in speed and Track days since 2004. Yes it’s not a V8 but its faster, cheaper and better on the fuel….

  5. I think it’s just a case of brand preference in the end. Although, I do think it’s mighty hard to say one’s better than another! 😉

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