SCOOP!!! Ford SEMA vehicle leaked…

September 6, 2008

Thanks to our friends over at Autoblog, we have some scoop pics of Galpin Auto Sports’s new SEMA concept – the Ford “Project B”. Based on the current Mustang platform, the “Project B” is powered by a stroked 4.6L (now 5.0L) Mustang V8, which is gloriously twin-supercharged… Sounds great! More info after the jump…

Then there are the wheels… Ginormous 24″ [inch] rims fill the rear wheel arches while more ‘sedate’ 22″ rims fill the front wheel arches. Behind these big rims there are even bigger 16″ Wilwood brakes (or a whopping 406mm in metric measurements) to pull up the easily predictable lightweight monster. It is also rumored to feature a copy of Ford’s second-gen SYNC program – which is to debut soon. It certainly does look interesting eh? Keep tuned in November for the unveiling of the finished product…

Source: Autoblog – Also, visit Autoblog’s Project B gallery


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