New 2010 Mustang teaser shot…

September 18, 2008

Yep! Thats right! It’s another teaser shot from Ford!!! Yay!!! Anyways, in this pic (which has kindly been highlighted by Autoblog from its original darkened state) show the pretty alright looking interior of the upcoming ‘Stang.

Compared to the current Muzzie, the interior is far more modern-retro, rather than just the good ol’ retro. The dash is angled higher to give a more sleeker look & to give the impression your in the original 60’s Mustang.

It appears to be made of higher quality materials (though still the true American plastic fantastic), though the quality level can’t be truly believed until late 2009 or the L.A Motor Show in November.

As the 2010 Mustang’s official site shows, their are 9 more teaser images to come before November – so keep an eye out here @ Ford News Blog…


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