NEW!!! 2010 Mustang spy shots…

September 19, 2008

Source: Autoblog

Autoblog has come up with these spy shots of Ford’s 2010 Mustang going through some more miles of testing ready for the late 2009 release.

If you frequent every car blog on a daily basis, then you’ve probably seen these latest spy shots of the 2010 Ford Mustang in base V6 and GT500 trim, as well as completely uncovered views of the interior. We’re acutely aware, however, that some of you rely solely on Autoblog for your daily fix. Therefore, we’re bringing you these three sets of spy shots now, despite the fact they’ve been on the web for a week. We apologize for the delay, but some back-of-the-house complications kept us from publishing them sooner.

Regardless, it’s totally apparent that Ford wants everyone to see these spy shots considering how naked these prototypes are. The batch of shots showing a blue, base V6 model gives the best view of the Mustang’s redesigned front end, including the newly shaped grille, new headlights, hood and lower bumper. The two new interior shots completely give up the goods on the Mustang’s new dash design, as well. Finally, the GT500 convertible shots show that the top dog model will indeed be fierce with a giant hood bulge and its own front end design.

Unfortunately, we’ve heard that the Mustang’s engine lineup will carry over largely unchanged for the 2010 model year, though could be entirely revamped shortly thereafter to keep pace with its crosstown rivals from Chevy and Dodge.


One comment

  1. Does that also come in zebra stripes. I always get a kick out of the spy photos.

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