2008 Saleen Dark Horse…

September 20, 2008

Saleen has today released a sketching & details on a new Mustang special edition based on the current Mustang – which could well be one of the final current-gen special editions. Meet the Saleen Dark Horse:

Powered by the same 620hp (460kW) V8 found in Saleen’s S302 Extreme – which started life as a usual 4.6L kit – “…Which has been enhanced by a forged rotating assembly which punches displacement out to 5.0-litres like in the Parnelli Jones Mustang, but Saleen takes it a step further and bolts on its Series VI twin-screw supercharger with integrated water-to-air intercooler to force the maximum amount of air into the engine. Saleen then adds ported aluminum cylinder heads, a more aggressive camshaft, duel fuel pump, 39 lb/hr fuel injectors, and a high-flow cold-air induction system. Handling all that power is a beefy 6-speed transmission and high performance clutch.”  – Details thanks to Autoblog. It also includes Saleen’s new “SuperShaker” system which “combines a functional ram air system with Saleen’s twin-screw supercharger system.” which has never been seen on a production Saleen Mustang ever.

Aesthetically, the “Dark Horse” gains a new, but faintly familiar looking (think: Shelby GT500), body kit incorporating a front bar, side skirts & a rear bar – albeit with some exclusive features which are yet to be revealed. Also, the car has a 99.99% chance of being painted in a matte-black scheme inevitably incorporating the usual logos & badges.

Production of this awesome sounding Mustang will start in the Spring of 2008 (in the U.S. Fall), with only 25 monsters going to homes.

The official unveiling is next week – so stay tuned for more details & pics…


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