There’s a new ‘King of the Road’…

September 21, 2008

Source: PickUpTrucks.com

Ooooh yea! With a massive thanks to Performance West Group, Ford now has a new ‘KR’ akin model – the Ford F-350 Striker. To debut at the 2008 SEMA show in November, the Striker is going to be the fastest F-350 – ever!

Styled just like Shelby’s GT500KR, the Striker will be painted in the awesome “Striker Silver” paint featuring the distinct Le-Mans style “Badass Blue” stripes going from the bottom of the redesigned front bar to the bottom of the rear bar.

Bling wise – the Striker’s rolling stock will be 24″ [inch] lightweight American Force forged dually wheels, mounted with low-profile Pirelli tyres designed for a different kind of hauling than Ford Super-Duty trucks typically do!

As for the interior, expect Katzkin leather that matches the silver & blue exterior colours with custom leather surfaces & seats, equipped with four-point racing harnessess. The interior will also include matching floor mats, aluminium racing pedals & auxilary gauges. Sony is supplying the Striker’s audio & video infotainment [information + entertainment] system.

Now what’s a ‘KR’ without serious grunt? So to combat that dilemma, PWG has called upon diesel guru Gale Banks who is busy tinkering the standard 6.4 litre PowerStroke V8 to produce some more horses & newton metres from its standard 260kW (350hp) & 880Nm (650 lb-ft). Expect maybe a supercharger of some sort or some turbines to help boost the numbers. Or maybe it’ll stay naturally-aspirated?

Well we will find out in November when the SEMA officially opens in L.A. on the 4th & closes on the 7th. And I think I speak on behalf of any red-blooded Ford, truck & general car fan when I say… Bring it on!!!!


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