Another 2010 Mustang teaser shot…

October 6, 2008

Yep. Once again we have another (painful) teaser shot from Ford of the upcoming 2010 Mustang  – to be unveiled at the 2008 LA Motor Show in November. This time, we can see the side mirror and hood line / front fender shape.

From Autoblog:

“It could just be the angle, but the photo shows a more curvaceous hood line that dips down to the headlight more than the current design. Another difference is the fender, which flows from the hood to the wheel well in one smooth line rather than the current one that has a more pronounced and angular flare. Finally, we get another view of the rear view mirror, the top half of which is now painted instead of textured black.”

Looks promosing eh? Lets hope the rest of the car follows this flowing design! With 7 more teaser shots to come, we are oh-so-slowly becoming impatient! Hurry up November we say!


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