Ford to increase common parts in new global vehicles…

October 6, 2008

Source: Autoblog

It has long been known that sharing vehicle components can decrease costs through economies of scale while also improving quality by reducing complexity. It makes sense that vehicles in Europe and the U.S. would be built on common platforms with common parts, but until now Ford has kept its North American and Euro auto operations almost completely separate. That changes with the upcoming Fiesta, which Ford says will share 78% of its components across the globe. The next Focus, which tragically shifted away from the global model for the 2005 model year, will share 90% or more of its content when it goes on sale in 2010. That will be welcomed news to enthusiasts who have been looking longingly at the Euro Focus the past four years.

Beyond the highly anticipated Focus and Fiesta, Ford hasn’t disclosed which other vehicles would be shared in the U.S. and Europe. The Blue Oval has said, however, that six or more cars and CUVs could be co-located on both sides of the pond, and there has been plenty of speculation as to which vehicles could thrive Stateside. The Kuga, C-Max, Mondeo, and S-Max have all been discussed as possibilities. Bring ’em on, Ford.


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