2010 Lincoln Flex-based MKT spied…

October 7, 2008

Thanks to LeftLaneNews.com:

Our (LeftLaneNew.com’s) spy photographers nabbed Ford’s (or rather Lincoln’s – ed) MKT crossover just hours ago – and they were able to grab one of the first shots of the MKT’s EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 engine. The MKT will be one of the first Ford vehicles to get the highly-anticipated engine, though judging by the stylized “T” and “F” on the plastic cover, it looks like Ford is planning to keep the Twin Force moniker for its upscale Lincoln brand – instead of EcoBoost, which it will use on Ford division products.

>>> Gallery <<<

We also get another look at the MKT’s interior, though this prototype still doesn’t appear quite complete.

Despite the presence of some light camouflage, Lincoln’s signature waterfall grille can be seen peering out from beneath — the very same that was used on the MKT Concept. Overall, the MKT – which is being developed under the codename D472 – is expected to largely mirror the styling of the MKT Concept.

Inside we can see a black and tan interior with wood accents on the dash and aluminum accents on the doors. We also see a power telescoping steering wheel. While a large “HMI” [human machine interface] (ed) screen is in place, most of the center stack trim pieces don’t seem to be in place on this prototype just yet.

Ford exec, Mark Fields, described the MKT concept as “…full-size premium utility offers the comfort of a luxury sedan, the spaciousness and flexibility of a full-size utility and the performance of a sporty roadster…,” and we think – by the looks of this prototype – that Ford is staying rather close to the concept for this production luxury utility vehicle.

Look for the base model MKT to be powered by a 270 horsepower (200kW) 3.7L V6, while the range-topping model will be powered by a 340 horsepower (250kW), 340 lb-ft (460Nm) version of Ford’s EcoBoost 3.5L V6.

The MKT’s face appears to be heavily inspired by the MKR sedan concept. Of course, many of the MKR’s design cues were passed along to the production MKS, so the company’s two newest offerings should look nice side-by-side at Lincoln dealers.

Interestingly, the MKT concept appeared to have a unique touch-screen interface in the center console, but so far Ford has made no comment on the technology. It’s also not known if the feature is intended for production.

The Lincoln MKT should hit the market in fall of 2009, with annual production in the mid-20,000 unit range, according to Automotive News. The MKT will be produced along side the Flex at Ford’s Oakville, Ontario, plant.


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