Ford Flex flopping?

October 7, 2008

Source: LeftLaneNews.com

Ford was hoping that its squared-off new crossover, the Flex, would be a runaway success in the vein of the 1986 Taurus. The Flex, which vaguely resembles the box that the aerodynamic Taurus came in, has seen falling sales in the last two months – not a good sign for a vehicle that has been on the market for four months.

Ford initially expected to sell up to 100,000 Flex crossovers per year, but with fewer than 2,000 sold last month (admittedly an especially weak month for the industry as a whole), Ford won’t meet that goal.

“It just isn’t the giant home run that Ford was expecting,” Art Spinella of CNW Marketing Research told the Detroit Free Press.

So why are sales so low? There is no one answer. Analysts naturally cite the currently soft overall market, but even then it’s rare to see a brand new vehicle stumble so quickly. The Flex isn’t particularly efficient or powerful – but it’s not unlike many other crossovers. In Leftlane’s review of the Flex, we liked the vehicle but suggested that the polarizing style will likely turn away buyers.

Will the Flex flop? Only time will tell. Stay tuned…


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