SEMA preview… F-450 Striker not enough?

October 7, 2008

Source: PickUpTrucks.com

In the midst of news surrounding Performance West Group’s crazy sounding F-450 Striker, it has now been revealed that those sneaky little folk at PWG are also planning a F-150 Striker R! Now this is getting better!

Like the F-350 Striker, the F-150 Striker gets its inspiration and looks from Ford’s GT500KR Mustang. The front end is bold, with a black anodized diamond mesh grille and twin hood intakes to feed the Striker’s supercharged 5.4-litre V8 engine. There are many hand-crafted details in the body, including billet front fender vents and side scoops located just ahead of the rear wheels for brake cooling. Of course, it also comes with “Badass Blue” Le Mans-style race stripes that run the length of the truck.

Inside, Katzkin Leather will match the silver and blue exterior colors with custom leather surfaces and seats. The interior will also include matching floor coverings and aluminum racing pedals and auxiliary gauges. Sony is supplying its Xplod video infotainment system.

The Striker R’s 5.4-litre V8 is expected to pound the pavement with 500 horsepower (375kW). Kenne Bell is supplying a 2.4-litre Blowzilla supercharger and intercooler, cold air intake, Boost-a-Pump and an Optimizer II electronic engine management system. Engine enhancements will be paired with a free-flowing Corsa Cat-Back exhaust system.

Underneath the truck will be a Bell Tech suspension package that will allow the Striker R to navigate tight turns more like the Mustang that inspired it. Keeping the rear differential both cool and cool-looking is a custom Striker R alloy cover.

To ensure that the Striker R can stop as aggressively as it accelerates, Stainless Steel Brakes Corp will supply a set of massive V8 eight-piston brake calipers that work in concert with its equally massive 15-inch (380mm) Big Bite cross-drilled rotors. Pirelli is supplying the Striker R’s 22-inch custom alloy wheels and Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico ultra-high-performance tires.

Pick your favorite, Striker F-350 or Striker R F-150!


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