2011 Ford diesel V8 “Scorpion” spotted…

October 10, 2008

PickUpTrucks.com spies have caught a glimpse of Ford’s new in-house designed 6.7 litre diesel V8 under the hood of a Super Duty engineering mule. Codenamed “Scorpion”, the new engine is expected to replace the current Navistar-sourced 6.4 litre diesel Power Stroke engine if Ford’s heavy duty pickups by 2011.

In earlier spy photos of Scorpion equipped test trucks, we wondered why the super duty mules needed raised hoods. Now we think we know the reason: The picture clearly shows a gigantic radiator used to cool the engine for extreme towing application.

Ford increased the size of the radiator in the 2008 Super Duty, when the 6.4 litre diesel V8 was introduced, by 33%. Now, we estimate its surface area has increased by approx. another 10 – 20% with the new radiator. It’s so large it apparently has to be canted backward to fit under the hood.

Our sources say the Scorpion will share key traits with GM’s revolutionary new light duty 4.5 litre Duramax dieseld V8 engine. Intake and exhaust flow through the cylinder heads is reversed (relative to conventional diesel engine design), with the exhaust exiting directly into dual sequential turbos sitting in the engines valley. The Scorpion will also use lighter aluminium cylinder heads, abandoning the cast-iron heads in the current 6.4 litre Power Stroke.

Power targets are said to be more than 290kW (390hp) & 975Nm(!) (720lb-ft) of torque. Today’s Power Stroke V8 is rated at a more ‘sedate’ 260kW (350hp) & 880Nm (350lb-ft).

Scorpion fuel economy is expected to be increased by at least 3 miles per gallon (mpg) versus the current engine. Helping the Scorpions mileage will be a new 6-speed automatic, like the 2009 F-150 has.

Source: PickUpTrucks.com



  1. I think the Super Duty needs a lot more revamping to continue leading the heavy duty truck market.

    The front end needs to be more aggressive w/ less curves. Sharp edges like the Nisan Titan’s front end. They also need to lead the pack w/ a new 8 speed transmision. Instead of playing catch up to Dodge and GM they should spring ahead.

    Another styling changes that would be leaps ahead of the competition would be the addition of those super bright blue/white LED head lamps on the high end models.

    I think the Super Duty trailed in interior design up until the 2008 redesign. The interior only need minor enhancements such as the following.

    * Top and bottom seat mounted restraints (I think some of the extra cab models have or at one time had this)
    * The addition of a floor mounted shifter as in the higher end F150’s
    * Larger opening rear window (maybe a window that rolls down like in the old Bronco or like all Toyota trucks and SUV’s
    * Enhanced dash lighting. I’m tired of the old green screen type dash and displays. Why not move ahead w/ an indigo blue or crisp bright white like in the Acura TL, Escalade or Navigator. They could even go Bright orange or red as the BMW 745 uses.
    * The bucket seats could use a more aggressive look like those in the F150’s.
    * I also think the exterior door handles need to be updated. I like what Nissan has done on the 350 and 370 sports cars. The handle looks to have a brushed aluminum coating. I think they could leave everthing else the same on both sides b/c a handle change would be enough for most to think a major styling change was made.
    * Don’t make the fenders too round as on the 2009 F150. Square them off a bit like on the Hummer.

    I’m very happy to hear about the new Scorpion and Boss engine replacements that are in the works. All they need to get the best fuel economy is an 8 speed transmission in my opinion.

    I know that some of my ideas sound a bit too cosmetic and maybe too expensive for Ford at the moment. As the proud owner of a 2005 6.0 diesel Excursion and 2008 F350 6.4 diesel that have had their share of problems I think I deserve the right to give Ford a little feedback and let them know what I will pay for the next time around.

    As the father of 4 I also would not mind a six door option.

  2. I presentely have a 2008 F350 6.4 love it but very hard on fuel.I read that the scorpin should be mutch better on fuel It will be a good reason for me to change my F 350.
    Tank s Daniel.

  3. @ Fred

    Square fenders are ugly in my opinion and please don’t tell Ford to style their trucks after Nissan, it makes it sound like they have better taste in styling which they do not. Japanese vehicles will never be on the same level as American imo. Support America, buy American… and please don’t give me any of this crap about your Toyota being made in the USA. It’s still a foreign car and the majority of the money is going to a foreign company based outside the US

    Ford has done an excellent job with their trucks for the past 30 years or more and I am excited about the new in house diesel and 6R140 transmission coming out. Hopefully they will reverse the bad rep Ford has with diesels right now.

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