Ford CFO says goodbye to Ford & hello to retirement…

October 11, 2008

Source: Autoblog

Ford Chief Financial Officer Don Leclair has decided to hang up his spreadsheets after an illustrious career at the Blue Oval. Leclair worked at Ford for 32 years and has held the top financial post there since 2003. Succeeding Leclair will be Ford of Europe President Lewis Booth. Booth has helped lead Ford’s positive transformation in Europe and grow Mazda’s success around the world, which are probably Ford’s two largest successes of the past decade.

Excruciatingly tough times in North America await Booth upon his arrival Stateside, and team Ford needs some of that same magic he had in Europe to pull the 105-year-old automaker out of its current situation. Leclair and Booth will be working together over the next few weeks to ensure that no balls drop during the transfer of power.

We’re sure Mr. Leclair would have loved to leave the Blue Oval during happier times, and we hope his retirement is a long and enjoyable one. If stocks are part of his exit package, though, it may be some time before he has a chance to relax.


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