More jobs to be cut at Ford Australia…

October 16, 2008

Source: News.com.au

FORD Australia has confirmed it is looking at slashing more jobs at its Victorian plants, but will not say how many.

Company spokeswoman Sinead McAlary today said the company was looking at where it could cut costs across all divisions, including engineering, administration, product design, marketing and the factory floor.

The review is tied to Ford’s decision in August to slow production of its V6 cars (Inline 6! – ed) by up to 25 per cent, slashing up to 350 manufacturing jobs at its Geelong and Broadmeadows plants in November.

Ms McAlary said the company was now reviewing its operations to see if there were further associated cost cuts that could be made.

She said Ford employed about 4700 people at its Victorian plants, 2300 of whom were factory floor workers and 2400 in areas such as engineering, administration, marketing and product design.

“We have told employees there will be voluntary separations on top of the 300 to 350 jobs being cut in manufacturing,” Ms McAlary said.

“We’re still working through that process.”

She said because the review was not complete and staff had not been told how many jobs may go, reports of numbers of job cuts were speculation that she would not confirm.

Fairfax Media this morning reported Ford was set to slash another 500 jobs in Victoria.

Comment was being sought from the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union.


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