Interesting Venezuelan Ford web banner ad…

October 29, 2008

Source: Autoblog

Be forewarned, this post does have extreme-mild nudity. But because the bare chest in question is being used to promote breast cancer awareness in a nation less stuffy about the naked female form than our own, we don’t feel creepy for posting about it. Everybody wins! 😀

The image you see above can be found on Ford’s Venezuelan website where it’s being used to promote a joint breast cancer awareness and prevention campaign between the automaker and coincidentally named Ford Models. The two have teamed up to get their message out to both women and men, hence the vivacious Venezuelan model in her birthday suit to get and keep the latter’s attention.

Together the two companies have offered free mammograms to all female Ford employees and any working within the automaker’s dealer network in Venezuela. They’re also holding a sweepstakes in which people can enter via texting to win a Ford Explorer and other prizes. Money earned from the texting charges will go to charities associated with breast cancer awareness and research. We of course support raising money and awareness for this great cause (in the U.S. we like Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and you can also find a list of rated breast cancer-related charities here), but we find it Twilight Zone strange to see that much bare skin on one of Ford’s official websites.


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