Ford at SEMA 2008…

November 6, 2008

Yes, that’s right folks! SEMA has arrived for yet another year! *cue school girls screaming like they’re at a Beatles concert*

So to celebrate, here a is a special feature for some of the Ford vehicles that are appearing at this years SEMA show. Here are pics of most Fords along with a snippet from the press release they come from…

SEMA logo

Ok, lets start with the obvious – the Mustang.

And, in a quiet move there is only 1, yes 1!, major car so far! But of course – it’s the one we all like to wonder weather the designer was a 5 year old. Say hello to the Rich Evans Designs “Hardcore Knight”:

SEMA Ford #01 - Rich Evans Designs Mustang

Second, we have Galphin Auto Sports “Scythe” concept, which we met earlier this year:

SEMA Ford - #05

“The Galpin crew completely stripped a 2008 Mustang GT convertible down to the chassis. It was then built back up with a molded fiberglass body, Air Ride suspension system, and massive 16.5” Wilwood brakes. Under the hood (partially) is a methanol-burning twin-supercharged 5.0L V8 that puts out a little over 1000 horsepower. Boeckmann knows that the styling of the Scythe is controversial and that not everyone will like it, but he hopes that people will appreciate at least some aspect of the car. Truthfully, it has some pretty trick features including a steering wheel that can move from one side of the car to the other and a voice-activated computer system that can control nearly all aspects of the car. Unlike other “concepts,” every feature on the Scythe is fully functional, and the car has been driven on the street.”

Another fantastic Mustang at SEMA this year was the new Ford [Racing] FR500CJ Mustang – which was, literally, hot off the… er… strip:

SEMA Ford - #07

SEMA Ford - #08

Another inevitable vehicle for SEMA is the Ford GT, or, as this concept show, the GT1000:

2008 Hennessey Ford GT1000

On the SUV / Truck side, we have a gallery of all the fantastic F-Series trucks at theis years SEMA:

2009 F-series @ SEMA 2008

Next off the rank is the Lincoln MKX by Streets. The Street Concepts version adds some serious attitude to the Lincoln MKX with 22-inch MOZ Wheels, Continental Tires, 3DCarbon’s body kit and monochrome blackout exterior treatment. On the inside, it entertains and connects with a complete Kenwood audio and video system that includes a Visulogic VMOD unit for wireless internet within the vehicle. For added driving excitement, this proven performer gets a sweet-sounding Magna flow cat back exhaust system and easy breathing K&N air intake system.

SEMA 2008 Ford - #02

Next, we have the Godfather Customs Lincoln MKS (sorry, no clear pics) – Building upon the luxurious Lincoln sedan, Godfather added even more refinement to the interior with an OEM integration that allows full control of the audio and video systems. An additional three video screens provide back seat drivers with their own access to state-of-the-art navigation. At the same time the superior audio quality has been further enhanced with the addition of Excelon components. On the outside, signature 22-inch wheels and tires make a statement that can’t be ignored. With this edition, Godfather Customs moves the MKS from luxurious elegance to pure extravagance.:

SEMA Ford - #03

And for something different, here is a retro concept on show – the ThunderFlite T-Bird:

2008 ThunderFlite T-Bird

Next on the line, we have the RKSports Lincoln MKS – RKSport started with the signature styling and performance powertrain and added a unique look and enhanced performance that make the 2009 Lincoln MKS even more distinctive to own and exciting to drive. Wherever it goes, this car will make a statement about the discerning owner and provide a personalized luxury performance experience second to none.:

SEMA Ford - #04

As there are literally loads of vehicles, let alone Fords! So for more pics & vehicles, visit the following links…

Autoblog – 2008 SEMA Show coverage

LeftLaneNews.com – Four custom F-150’s

There you have it! SEMA 2008! 🙂


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