2011 Ford Focus leaked image…

November 11, 2008

Ok, so when I received the notification of a leaked image of the 2011 Focus, I had / have mixed emotions. As the following story suggests, this little fighter will have the build quality, efficiency, gadgetry & much more of many of it’s larger rivals & siblings. But the downside? Well, from the CGI, the front looks butt ugly! Hopefully the finished car will look better… But, I’ll let you be the judge…

2011 Ford Focus

Here is the report, with thanks to Auto Express:

The heat is on in the compact hatch sector – Auto Express has learned that Ford is readying a dramatic new Focus to go head-to-head with Vauxhall’s forthcoming Astra.

Boasting a wild new look – dominated by an outrageous grille – it will be a real head-turner, and is set to polarise opinion like never before.

Power comes from the very latest EcoBoost range of turbocharged engines, while the cabin will feature an all-new BMW iDrive-style control system. As with the Mondeo, the Focus will head further upmarket with greater emphasis on quality – as well as a higher price tag than the current generation.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. According to our sister magazine in Germany, Auto Bild, the five-door model pictured here will be joined by a Focus-based coupé. This will have a bold three-door shape to rival the likes of the VW Scirocco and Renault’s new Mégane Coupé. It will help differentiate the Focus range and appeal to younger buyers in the process.

However, it won’t be the Focus or even a new coupé that spearheads Ford’s attack on the compact family car class. While the third-generation model will be launched in late 2010, the blue oval will go into battle first in 2009, with a replacement for the C-MAX compact people carrier.

As we revealed in Issue 1,023, the new MPV will be available in both five and seven-seater form for the first time. Debuting a dramatic new face, it will preview the third-generation Focus and be based on Ford’s new compact family platform. And as you can see from this illustration, the new face is certainly daring. Designers have consigned the current car’s upper and lower air intakes to the history books in favour of a striking horseshoe-shaped radiator grille.

Other stand-out styling cues include the prominent bonnet, with lines that run from the base of the windscreen to form an overhanging focal point for the Ford badge. Then there are the huge headlights and further air intakes in the lower part of the front bumper, which house integrated foglights. Elsewhere, there’s a more evolutionary styling approach, with influences from the latest Fiesta in the angular C-pillars and chunky stance.

Inside, the cabin will employ even higher quality materials than the current version, but the big news from our German sources is that Ford is developing a dashboard control system similar to BMW’s iDrive and Mercedes’ COMAND set-ups. This will be one of the car’s highlights, as it will help to reduce clutter and improve the Focus’ ergonomics at the same time.

There are important new developments under the bonnet, too. Just as the Vauxhall Astra will boast a fresh line-up of small capacity turbocharged engines, the third-generation Focus will feature Ford’s new EcoBoost range. Power for entry-level models will come from a 1.0-litre turbo four-cylinder unit with either 89bhp (66kW) or 108bhp (80kW). The majority of sales will be taken by a new 1.6-litre turbo available in both 148bhp (110kW) and 178bhp (~130kW) form. These new units will offer great performance and low CO2 emissions, too.

Our sources have revealed that Ford also has two new oil-burners up its sleeve: a 1.6-litre TDCi with 89bhp (66kW), 108bhp (80kW) or 128bhp (95kW), and a 2.0-litre with 168bhp (125kW) or 197bhp (145kW). All engines get manual gearboxes as standard, although Ford will expand the use of its PowerShift twin-clutch transmission.

The Focus will go on sale in late 2010, with a three-door coupé arriving in the same year, plus an estate and CC coupé-cabrio appearing in 2011.



  1. Good move Alan, small car profitable made in Michigan. Focus Estate with many engine choices, a Ford for working man again, can’t wait. Hopefully Americans will wake up and learn how I was raised by the Ole Marine, “learn to live within your means”!!!!!!
    I been keeping my bang for the buck 98 Mystiques drivers chasis running and looking good. I’m 63 year Vietnam era proud to buy Michigan built, and both Mystiques were built in St. Louis plant.
    I’ve got my eye on this Focus, good job Alan!

  2. Look sweet to me .. current focus that I own is boring.

  3. I don’t mind some good German lines on a American 5-door. I’m interested in the addition of a dashboard control system, as long at it was implemented well. I would hope that they actually benchmarked the Mercedes’ COMAND system, since it is well-designed, a delight to use and has a shorter learning curve. BMW’s iDrive was infuriating enough that I left the learning curve long before I got close to the asymptote…
    I work for another automaker, but I would gladly buy a Ford if I liked it.
    Much love to Michigan from CA.

  4. Sorry but I doubt the 2011 Focus will look anything like this. The image has come from the British Auto Express Magazine, famous for cobbling together CGI images based on wild speculation that never – never! bear the slightest resemblance to the final product. What we have here is a stretched image of the current Fiesta with the so called “wild” front bolted on.

  5. I saw the 2011 Focus at the Chicago Auto Show. Lookin Good!!!

    I could not sit in the car at the show, nor did they have any brochures or spec’s on this 2011 model.
    I would very much like to see some spec’s and pictures of this model, if it’s available. We will be in the market for a new car at the end of this year, and this is a car worth serious consideration.

  6. Have a look here – https://fordnewsblog.wordpress.com/2010/01/11/detroit-2010-2012-focus-butts-in/ 🙂


  7. It look so beautiful, when will it come true?

  8. Sadly for you – it won’t. But here’s the real thing: Detroit 2010: 2012 Focus Butts In…

  9. The ugliest front end and grille ever – please NO!

  10. Don’t fear! Ford had different ideas – HERE.

  11. I think Ford is doing an awesome job! KEEP ON ROCKING!

  12. It looks very beautiful!!!

  13. […] thanks to Auto Express: fordnewsblog.wordpress.com […]

  14. Beauty is on the eyes of the beholder and I like the looks of the new Focus coupe. At 57, I still prefer sporty cars. What about reliability? One reason I gave
    up on Fords is something goes wrong with the cars prematurely such as transmission. I had a 2000 Focus and 2001 Top of the line Ford Taurus SEL. The transmission leaked at 17,000 on the Focus and 46,000
    miles on the Taurus. Ford must build a reputation on reliability and I will consider the name again.

  15. […] 2011 Ford Focus leaked image… fordnewsblog.wordpress.com […]

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