There’s the S-Max & C-Max. But what about B-Max???

November 19, 2008

Source: Auto Express

The Fiesta-based car – which replaces the much-criticised, slow-selling Fusion – offers style and practicality in a compact package. It will slot into the range below the C-MAX, which will be available with five and seven seats when the next generation version goes on sale in a couple of years’ time. But the B-MAX will take Ford into the rapidly expanding supermini-MPV class.

2010 Ford B-Max
2010 Ford B-Max

While the Fusion could never rival the Vauxhall Meriva and Renault Modus, its replacement will have a lot more going for it. And, as we revealed in Issue 1,035, it’s already been given the green light. Production will start at Ford’s recently acquired factory in Romania in 2010.

Yet it faces some very stiff competition. The forthcoming Meriva replacement will be sleek and versatile – so the B-MAX has to be good. As you can see from our pictures, the fresh-faced machine certainly has style. The shape takes much of its inspiration from the stunning new Fiesta. A taller roofline has been added to improve headroom and boot space, but the B-MAX still looks great.

Huge, bold headlights, neat tail-lamps and an eye-catching rising waistline add visual appeal, as do the chunky wheelarches and athletic stance. The newcomer will sit on a slightly longer wheelbase than the Fiesta’s, and although the supermini has been criticised for being short on space, the same can’t be said of the B-MAX. There will be plenty of legroom in the rear and accommodation for at least two tall adults. |

Versatility will be high on the agenda. A development of the C-MAX’s sliding seats is likely, so occupants can vary boot space and passenger legroom. Up front, the cabin’s design and layout will be inspired by the Fiesta, where the emphasis is on quality. And the B-MAX is also likely to get a BMW iDrive-style control system, scheduled to debut first on the new C-MAX. With agile handling, sharp steering and a fine ride, the B-MAX will be great to drive, too.

But the best news comes under the bonnet. We revealed in Issue 1,037 that Ford plans to equip its models with a fresh range of small-capacity, direct-injection, turbo petrol engines. As a result, the B-MAX is expected to use 1.0-litre units with outputs ranging from 89bhp (66kW) to 108bhp (80kW), while there is even scope for a 148bhp (110kW) 1.6-litre petrol engine.

Diesel fans will be able to specify 1.6-litre TDCi units developing 89bhp (66kW) and 108bhp (80kW). The oil-burner is also set to form the basis of a green Econetic version, offering ultra-low CO2 emissions. Production of the B-MAX is set to start at the Craiova plant in 2010. Ford has said it plans to build 100,000 models in the first year, but the factory has the capacity to increase output if sales demand it.



  1. the current Fusion actually does sell pretty well — outselling the old KA on a daily volume and very popular with the driver that is not so fond of sitting on the floor as in a Fiesta or Polo. The poor press largely comes from the media that have not yet grasped what a car is for. That is comfortable to enter and exit (without slipping a disc) and give a decent view of the road. Yep I love my Fusion and if Ford had kicked the marketing of in the right direction more people would as well.

  2. I agree with the previous remarks. I think Ford missed a trick also. An advert featuring people with aches and pains getting in and out would have got the point across. We have had so many people in super market car parks, ask us if they can sit in our Fusion. Everyone says the same. Also boot a good hight for transferring shopping. Fantastic space with back seats down for trips to the tip.
    Four (tall) of us went to France last summer. Got to southern Brittany on one tank from Essex and another tank on way back. Road tax £30 a year. Solid reliable. I have back trouble and we tried every car on market. The Fusion was like transferring from my dinning room chair onto another seat of similar height. No pain. At that height pain is minimal when pressing the pedals. The lower the seat, the more lower back pain when driving.
    If they could have kept it the same but just tweaked it’s looks a little, I believe with the ‘correct’ advert it would have sold more.

  3. Nice styling effort from Ford. A tall and wide “short car” will never look much more than chunky, but the detailing and long mid-height shadow line maximize appearance. It’s important for cars to be good looking, for enhanced sales and owner satisfaction.

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  5. I have to agree with the comments about the (edit: Euro-) Fusion. It really is an underrated vehicle. Having recently given up my Fusion for a new Ford Fiesta i constantly find myself admiring other peoples Fusions & longing for my old one back, but this new B-Max looks a thing of beauty & i will certainly be down to my local Ford dealer to place my order for one when it finally arrives here in the UK.

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