More HP for your GT sir???

November 27, 2008

Source: Autoblog

We’ve become familiar with Jason Heffner’s creations over the past few years, from his insanely powerful Lamborghini Gallardos to mindblowingly fast Ford GTs. For his latest project, Heffner has teamed up with Ford GT chief designer Camilo Pardo for a special edition version of the car that looks as good as it is fast.

Heffner Camilo Pardo Ford GT

Visually, the American supercar gets a racing inspired paint scheme and graphics, flat black BBS wheels and a new rear bumper from Classic Design Concepts. Inside, the car gets a chrome shift ball, wide-shaft shifter and aluminum seat grommets.

Heffner Camilo Pardo Ford GT

Under the bonnet, the GT is blessed with Heffner’s twin-turbo treatment as well as a Camilo-designed billet aluminum intake and black valve covers. Horsepower is rated at north of 900 and the car is capable of topping 200 mph in under 20 seconds while passing through the 1/4 mile at over 150 mph.

Heffner Camilo Pardo Ford GT


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