Ford’s new NASCAR engine…

January 24, 2009

Come halfway through this season, Ford teams in the NASCAR series will be powered by Ford’s latest racing V8 engine – internally known as the “FR9”. This new motor shares no parts with the currently run Ford 351 based engine – it’s a clean sheet design which has been in the skunkworks for 3 years now.

Ford FR9 V8

The new “FR9” makes full use of the allowable 4.500-inch bore spacing that NASCAR has dictated in its rules. Further, the FR9’s cooling and lubrication systems have been completely redesigned, allowing teams to configure their car’s grille areas for better aerodynamics.

Ford says that this new engine has clocked thousands of miles on the dyno and is ready to go with the first successful test taken place last November. All we can say is… Good luck Ford!



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  2. Ummmm! kinda looks like the R07, this FR9 has the same belt layout as the R07???? seems that these guys can’t come up with their own inovation…. copy copy copy!

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