Ford F-150’s vital proof of awesomness…

January 28, 2009

In today’s world, you’d imagine that any new full-size pickup truck can handle the daily grind with ease. And for the most part, you’d be right. But when the time comes for heavy hauling, not all trucks are created equally.

Each manufacturer can probably come up with scenarios where its particular pickup performs better than the competition, but after watching Ford’s video, hosted by Dirty Job‘s Mike Rowe, we feel that the footage offers a few compelling reasons why the Blue Oval’s latest F-150 might be the pick of the litter.

Up first is the well-known rough road test, and we were shocked by how much difference there was between how the F-150 handled the exam compared to the Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram and Toyota Tundra. You’ve got to watch it to see what we mean. After that is a test of fuel efficiency, and all we know about the procedure is that the most efficient engine option was chosen and, not surprisingly, the Ford came out on top. The third test involved placing a 993-pound spool of cable in the bed and running through a handling course and again, the results were enlightening. Lastly, an improperly loaded trailer was hooked to each truck and sway was induced.

In each test, the trucks were driven by a set of professional drivers, including Tanner Faust (that boy ain’t right indeed), and the scenes were recorded from every conceivable angle. We’re not going to suggest that these results conclusively show that the F-150 is the best truck available under all circumstances. What we will say, is that the footage is certainly entertaining.


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