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Mulally says “Ford now competitive”…

March 31, 2009

Source: The Detroit News, by Bruce Hoffman

When Alan Mulally flew into town a little more than two years ago to take the top job at Ford Motor Co., many wondered what an aerospace executive from Seattle knew that Detroit’s best and brightest did not. Plenty, apparently.

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Next-gen Focus out testing already…

March 27, 2009

Source: Next Autos

Ford has started to run some test mules for its next generation Focus, spotted this first time around in both sedan and wagon variants. While we are certainly excited to see a load-lugging Focus being tested out, we’re not going to hold our breath that Ford has plans to bring the wagon version to North America for the first time since the first-generation car.

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Focus RS to tackle Renault Megane R26-R @ Nurburgring…

March 27, 2009

Source: Driving Spirit

Both the Ford Focus RS and RenaultSport Megane R26-R are undergoing final development at the Nurburgring, and it looks like the two cars are going to be very evenly matched.

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2011 F-Series Super Duty rendered…

March 27, 2009 has been busy rendering up a speculative image of the MY2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty truck.

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Roush first in. But are they best dressed???

March 19, 2009

Roush Performance have released details and images of their new “427R” Mustang. Here is the press release with all the info and some piccies…

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Ford’s to soon talk back…

March 11, 2009

Source: Autoblog

In the near future, Ford vehicles may fire back a retort if you get cheesed off enough to yell at the car. According to the details of a patent filing, Ford is working on an Emotive Advisory System (EAS) that simulates emotions when interacting with occupants, and may also use an avatar to express itself. No image as yet… 😀

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FPV to get a new V8… Next year…

March 10, 2009

Source: GoAuto

Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) will have a more powerful V8 engine next year, but it will still be locally assembled.

With Euro IV emission controls set to come in on July 1 next year, FPV will finally retire the existing 5.4-litre Boss V8.

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