Focus RS to tackle Renault Megane R26-R @ Nurburgring…

March 27, 2009

Source: Driving Spirit

Both the Ford Focus RS and RenaultSport Megane R26-R are undergoing final development at the Nurburgring, and it looks like the two cars are going to be very evenly matched.

Ford Focus RS blueThe Megane R26-R has recently been clocked around the Nurburgring at 8:12, running on super grippy Toyo Cup tyres. The Focus RS development car, running at about 250bhp (186kW), has managed an 8:27 on standard Continental tyres with a Bentley test driver behind the wheel.

Ford are now hoping to get the finished spec Focus RS, with 297bhp (221kW), onto the track with an experienced race driver behind the wheel. They’re then hoping for an improved time of around 8:15, and having seen how effective the Toyo Cups are on the Megane are now considering adding them to the option list for customer cars.

Some extra information to have emerged about the Focus RS is that peak torque will now be 324lb-ft (440Nm), up from the previosuly quoted 302lb-ft (410Nm).

Whether or not this ‘Ring fixation will make the cars unbearable to drive on a daily basis remains to be seen, but one thing we’re guaranteed is that both of these cars are going to be bloody quick!


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