Ford unveils limited edition ‘X Road’ Focus wagon…

April 2, 2009

Read about Ford (Europe)’s limited edition Focus ‘X Road’ wagon after the jump…

Ford Focus X Road wagon limited edition


  • Striking Ford Focus Wagon
  • Limited edition of 300 pieces
  • Very complete
  • 1.8 16v 125 hp (93kW) engine with transmission-green B-label
  • Dutch debut during the 2009 AutoRAI

The new Focus X Road is a tough, striking Ford, based on the very well-equipped Focus Wagon Titanium. The X Road differs from the regular Focus by its robust sturdy black bodykit with front and rear bumpers and the black finish of the doors and side panels. These limited edition produced Focus X Road is powered by the 1.8-litre 125-hp engine and transmission on regular unleaded petrol and bio-ethanol can run.

Ford Focus X Road wagon

The Ford Focus X Road is a special, limited version of the sturdy and robust nature of the Focus more highlights. With its special bodykit with ‘off-road look distinguishes it clearly from the normal Focus. The attractive 17 “alloy rims and black dakrelings to in Moondust Silver metaallak sprayed X Road fully.

Very complete
The Focus X Road has a sturdy and striking appearance, but is also fully equipped. The X Road is based on the implementation and Titanium offers another DEATC (separate automatic air conditioning), electric controlled window around, electric windshield heat, rain sensor, automatic dimmende interior, automatic switching of dipped headlamps, electrically operated and heated exterior equipment, sports front seats, cruise control and an audio system with CD player and AUX jack.

At an additional cost of only € 500 ($AUD945), – is the Focus X Road to provide an interesting Business Pack, consisting of an advanced navigation system with 5-inch color display, USB connector, Bluetooth phone for hands-free phones and voice-control operation of the phone, the navigation system, air conditioning and audio system.

1.8 16v engine transmission
The Focus X Road makes its robust appearance where powerful and vivid performance. This sturdy Focus is powered by the familiar 1.8-liter 125-hp engine and transmission on regular unleaded petrol and bio-ethanol can run. The Ford Focus X Road is a green energy B.

Limited edition
The Ford Focus X Road is experiencing his Dutch debut during the AutoRAI and is produced in a limited edition of 300 pieces. This Ford is in mid-July in the Netherlands showrooms for the very competitive starting price of €25,175 ($AUD47,530), – including VAT and BPM.



  1. Ford needs to return the Focus wagon to the showrooms here in the states. This vehicle, if sold here with AWD could be a hit, possibly stealing some sales from Subaru and other competitors small CUV’s. This should be a no brainer, espcially with the lack of small wagons in the US market.

  2. I agree with “Fear the voices”. With all the Focus sedans on the road I believe many of these drivers would have opted for a Focus Wagon if there’d been one available. I love my 2009 Focus SEL but was looking for a wagon when I bought it.

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