2011 Mach 1 Mustang coming???

June 9, 2009

Photoshop makes life so much more interesting doesn’t it? People with the talent like Edmundo Cano make it even better. How? Well they come up with things like this:


As we already know, there isn’t a 2010 Mach 1, but there is plenty of speculation around the interwebs about a 2011 model – celebrating the arrival of the Coyote V8. The Mach 1 could be powered by a 5.0 litre, 300kW version – though a 330kW, 5.8 litre (351ci) version sounds better! >:D

We’re particularly fond of the flat black paint running down the centre of the Mustang’s hood, which now features the obligatory shaker scoop. Similarly blacked-out 20-inch Torq-Thrust-style wheels look the part, and the whole package is rounded out with Hugger Orange paint and Mach 1 graphics package. We wholeheartedly approve and can’t wait to see what Ford has in store in 2011.

What would YOU like to see from Ford/SVT in 2010?

HERE is a Hi-res gallery thanks to Autoblog…



  1. I’d love it if they keep bringing the love back to muscle cars. I think Ford is still leading the other motor companies in the retro-muscle car arena. I love the look of this Mach1. The hood is awesome. I hope this makes it to production.

  2. I think that they should put a 5.8l 400hp all motor and no blower in the Mach 1. The mach 1 was meant for racing so it needs to keep its 17inch wheels, instead of heavy 20inch wheels. The car needs to stay around 3500lbs and needs to be able to beat the ls2 422hp all motor Camaro SS. I have a 2004 gt mustang and Iam tired of losing to GM products and Ford needs to do something about it. I love the look of this car and want to own one, but it needs to come out soon before I buy a 04 Cobra.

  3. Here here!!! 🙂

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