Ford to increase procduction to meet demand…

June 28, 2009

Once again, there is some good news from our heros at Ford HQ, with CEO Allan Mulally announcing Ford will be increasing production of all models to meet “the desirablilty of Ford products” (Amen! :)).

Ford Taurus SHO

There may well be a downturn in new car sales all over the globe, but Ford is the only one of the Detroit 3 that is gaining market share and slowly decreasing its annual loss year by year, hoping to be in the black by 2011.

Ford is also working on one of the vital pointrs of its turnaround plan – “more and more electrificatin of Ford vehicles, both hybrid and battery powered cars”, which will be a lot more easier with the $5.9b (US) that the U.S. Dept. of Energy gave to Ford in loan to retool factories for way of more environmentally friendly cars and trucks.


One comment

  1. Forget the hybrids, but keep working on efficiency and alternative fuels!

    Ford has dramatically improved the appeal of it’s new models, and the new Taurus is likely to be a hit, even if a little more pricier than the previous model. This is a car that should be considered a game changer for Ford and American full-sized sedans. It is, by far, one of the best looking sedans to go on sale here this year; and I venture to say, one of the best styled cars in our market in the past few years.
    Now if Ford continues this styling and performance success with the new Focus, Fiesta, Fusion, and future products like the Ranger acquiring market share and debt reduction may be easier than thought.

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