Ford Fiesta wins X Games on debut…

August 3, 2009

From Autoblog

We’re not going to say we told you so – because we didn’t – but we are going to go ahead and say we’re totally not shocked that former Indy 500 champ Kenny Brack just won some X Games gold. After all, we’re still a touch weak in the knees from our little ride along with him and his atomic weasel Ford Fiesta rally car last Thursday.

Ford Fiesta X Games

First thing’s first: what a coup for Ford. Beating Subaru at X Games is like beating Muhammad Ali in the 1960s. It just doesn’t happen very often. Turns out that the big jump that had everyone at Ford a little more worried than they were publicly letting on just wasn’t an issue. The hopped up Fiestas did great. In fact all three Ford drivers (Brack, Foust and Deegan) made it to the semifinals, along with Subaru’s Travis Pastrana.

What a great intro to the sport of rallying for Kenny Brack. It looked as if Foust was going to beat Brack heads up, but then Tanner spun out and Brack was pitted against Pastrana and his Subaru in the final. Pastrana is ahead after one lap and everyone had pretty much concluded that he was about to win his umpteenth X Game event. But at the start of the second lap, Pastrana goes wide, spins, hits the back left side of his car against a barrier and can’t continue. Ten years after winning the the Indy 500, Kenny Brack wins X Games Rally gold. Good job, Kenny.


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