REPORT: Ken Block & Chris Atkinson to Ford WRC in 2010…

October 16, 2009

Source: Autoblog

One of the most significant deals in rally history. That’s how news of Ken Block’s imminent move to the World Rally Championship is being touted in the motorsport press. And we couldn’t agree more.

Ken Block (left) w/ Chris Atkinson (right) Now don’t get us wrong. We enjoy watching Block’s famous antics behind the wheel of his purpose-built Gymkhana Subaru Impreza as much as the next guy. Probably more. But we can’t help but feel that the superstar’s otherworldly car control skills couldn’t be put to better use than pure showboating. And this deal could give him exactly that opportunity, graduating from the relatively low-visibility Rally America series to the top-tier WRC.

Since Subaru, for whom Block competes in the USA, pulled out of the WRC, Ken’s been hunting for another ride in the premier series, and reports now indicate that he – along with former Subaru driver Chris Atkinson – will be driving the 2009-spec Ford Focus WRC for the new Monster Energy Drink World Rally Team (which could, incidentally, go some way towards explaining what the two rally stars were doing behind the wheel of that old Ford Escort). Once the details are hammered out, both Block and Atkinson are expected to start next season in select rounds of the championship before challenging the full calendar the year after, presumably behind the wheel of the new rally-spec Fiesta.


One comment

  1. Great to read of the Ford deal. I look forward to seeing you guys do what you do do well. Chris, I looked for you to have a drive in the 2010 DAKAR but I guess you are not headed in that direction.

    Whatever you do I wish you well and will enjoy seeing you succeed. REGARDS…

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