Unveiled: 2010 Ford Fiesta S2000…

November 19, 2009

Ford Motor Company and noted rally masters M-Sport have pulled the veil off their latest collaborative rally machine, the Fiesta S2000. It’s their first global rally car, and as such will be able to compete in a whole bevy of international competitions ranging from IRC to the S2000 World Cup to Aatos and Aamu’s Finnish Tree Bash. Long story short, going by past history alone, this should be one bruiser of a successful rally car.

2010 Ford Fiesta S2000

Right, so let’s talk stats. The Fiesta S2000 comes with a naturally aspirated 2.0L I4 Duratec S2000 engine good for 280 horsepower (~210kW) and 192 lb-ft (260Nm) of twisting torque all the while spinning to an 8,000 rpm redline. That mill gets mated to a permanent all-wheel drive system hooked up to a sequential manual transmission with an AP clutch. Sizable Brembos are at all four corners (and like the wheels, vary in size depending on asphalt or gravel). Ready for the best part? It weighs just 2,640 pounds (1,197kg)– and that’s with the roll cage. And get this – the Fiesta S2000 is “due for homologation in January 2010.” Fake, well-produced “spy video” after the jump, gigantic high-res gallery below.

2010 Ford Fiesta S2000


* http://fiestas2000.com/index.php/joomgallery?func=viewcategory&catid=1


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  1. a crazy sport car

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