L.A Preview: 2011 US-spec Fiesta unmasked…

December 1, 2009

It’s a subject that’s been on any avid Ford fans mind over the past year or so (maybe… sort of…) what the Fiesta may look like (and what kit it’ll have) when (originally if) it came to the U.S. Well here it is! The 2011 Ford Fiesta… U.S.-spec!

This Fiesta is, thankfully, just a nose job over it’s European equivalent – it will share the same engine and drivetrain with engine choices likely to be restricted to the 1.6L in manual and 1.4L in auto. The 1.6L diesel found in the ECOnetic is not likely to see American shores – though it is still possible with the MPG wars going on in the U.S.

As you can see the U.S. spec is marginally different to the Fiesta all over the world. It entails a new front bar which has a reworked grille and new fog lights & surrounds, whilst slightly curving the lower grille – making it resemble the new C-Max.

The U.S. spec also sees the introduction of the sedan aswell…

With a new front end still, it further differentiates the U.S. spec Fiesta from the ‘normal’ Fiesta we receive everywhere else. Not quite as good as the hatch if you ask me with its half full, half empty glass style grille.

The rear of the sedan is a refresh over any current model aswell (see: Chinese Fiesta sedan) – with the changes being mainly the lights. Here is the ‘normal’ Fiesta for reference to the changes:

Full details are yet to be released, but we will get them to you as soon as they appear!

So? What do YOU think? Tell us below…

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