Detroit 2010: California Special Mustang returns for 2010…

January 13, 2010

The NAIAS is well and truly underway now and Ford is in unwrapping mode – showing off the 2012 Focus and letting the world know of it’s achievements in the North American Car & Truck of the Year. Now it’s the Mustang’s turn – and boy, is it a beauty?!

Presenting the new GT California Special:

The California has a list of unique features that can only be optioned on either the GT Premium coupe or convertible (though no details are confirmed as yet). It appears the CS consists of:

  • Front bumper with matte black finished lip
  • Chrome grille with pony badge
  • 18″ 10-spoke wheels
  • Side scoops
  • Side stripes
  • GT500-esque rear facasia
  • Tall decklid spoiler

Interior wise, from these pictures from Autoblog, there isn’t much to tell – but when the official pics and info arise it’ll be here for you to oogle at



  1. I”ve got one! Great car. Let me know if interested in seeing pics.

  2. i wanna see pics my lil bro is 4 and he loves mustang he keeps asking me to buy him one for his 5th bday…. i wanna see pics to show him please chris thanks….

  3. Here’s a cool link that HEAPS of not just Mustang, but Ford pic’s as well — http://www.netcarshow.com/ford/

    Cheers, Ben

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