Ford Focus RS WRC Limited Edition for the Suisse…

February 8, 2010

Well as of now, I am really jealous of the Suisse! Ford Switzerland has signed off on a special limited edition Focus RS – of which the 50 built will be only available in Switzerland.

The differences on this limited editions are only visual. Externally, it has black 19″ OZ Superturismo GT alloys and a green and black decal livery over it’s Frozen White background – making for a stunning design. Interior-wise only a plate signed by Ford rally gun Mikko Hirvonen and his co-driver Jarmo Lehtinen is new.

The retail price is 55,900 francs – or $59,800 AUD – a $2140 increase over a ‘normal’ Focus RS. Not bad if you ask me!

Here is the press release – badly translated from French. BEWARE!

Ford Focus RS WRC Edition: Special Anniversary Series “Limited Edition”

Ford Suisse had promised it and holds promise: Having made feeling as concept – because on the occasion of the 23rd Auto Zürich Car Show last November, Focus RS WRC Edition ends its final sprint now to arrive to the concessionaires. The restricted special series created on the occasion of the 40 years of Ford RS and produced in fifty copies was drawn as part of a competition of design. The restricted special series created on the occasion of the “40 years of Ford RS” and produced in fifty copies was drawn as part of a competition of design.

The fans remember: in October, 2009, Ford Suisse called the devoted admirers of the Focus to re-draw SPORTSWOMAN FOCUS RS to give him an individual and unique sports look. Approved by a large majority plan must, as the importer promised it, be pushed up to the stadium of production, in the form of a special model commercialized in a special very restricted series conscript Ford Focus RS WRC Edition. It is the 40 years of Ford RS, celebrated this year, that constitute the starting point of this action. It is also a question of paying tribute in fabled Ford Escort RS1600 thrown in 1970.
Ford Suisse held promise, since, and finally taken out special edition Focus RS WRC having introduced it in form of show because in November in the 23rd Auto Zürich. Fifty copies will be produced, from which the first will arrive to the rooms of exhibition of the concessionaires Ford in next days.

The fifty special models WRC distinguish themselves from Ford Focus RS with painting “Frozen White” by their stickers, black rims of 19 inch OZ SUPERTURISMO GT and, in the binnacle, a plate carrying the signatures of Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen, both pilots Finnish FORD WRC having carried off the champion title of the world of season crossed with an advance of any single small point.

Means to confer on the super-sportswoman a look worthy of her were numerous. Ford Suisse so offered on http://www.newfordfocusrs.ch different plans of design among which every visitor could elect his favourite. At the same time as vote, Ford invited each to give his opinion and his comments and encouraged the jurors to subject their concrete suggestions of improvement in the forum. Echo was resounding – the Swiss importer Ford was literally bombed with more inventive ideas of design them some than the others.
Ford Focus RS WRC is which can be delivered from 55 900 francs – with a complete equipment and a sovereign potency of 305 hp for and 440 Newton-metres. This abundance of energy is issued by a version RS in the potency still increased and especially put so as to five cylinders 2.5 litre turbo. A broadly sufficient potency to allow the car to attain a maximum speed of 260 km/h and to fling her from 0 to 100 km/h in less than six seconds.



  1. This car is awesome! How much would it be for this car in second hand? Where is the nearest car show like this to Workington?

  2. Hi Jordan!

    I’m with you in saying this car is Awesome! I wish I was in Switzerland just to by one!

    RE second hand? Personally I don’t know – given different currencies & rates etc. Also depends on mileage etc.

    Now a car show near Workington? I presume you are in the UK, right? So my easiest solution would be London – which is a fair way according to Google!

  3. Hi, I like the new RS very much and I have one! I am looking for stickers like in the photo, but the number 6. Do you know where I can find them? Thanks.

  4. Hey mate!

    I would look towards companies like 3M who do all these stickers and vinyls etc.

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