Spotted: Ford Explorer… With a Lincoln mouth…

March 18, 2010

Source: Autoblog

Granted, these aren’t the clearest set of spy photos you’re going to see this week. Regardless, they are interesting as they show what appears to be a next-gen 2011 Ford Explorer with the familiar face of the current Lincoln lineup grafted in place. Sure, it’s not terribly surprising to see a luxurious Lincoln created from a more pedestrian Ford product – it happens all the time – but why the Explorer?

"I have identity issues..."

Consider that Lincoln already offers a pair of crossovers that are based on existing Ford models, namely the MKX and the MKT. Consider too that the next Explorer will migrate to a smaller, car-based crossover platform… and one wonders just how many CUVs the Lincoln brand could support.

"Even my rear resembles something else!" (Taurus X)

So, just what is this camo’d vehicle we see roaming the streets? Could it be a new Navigator (or a revival of the ex-Explorer-based Aviator), just a cobbled together mule from spare parts that doesn’t have any production intent whatsoever, or something new altogether? Beats us. Feel free to take a look at the pictures and judge for yourselves.



  1. Clearly these pictures are two different vehicles. You can tell by the front end of the bottom picture(the white at the tip of the nose). The top picture is just a spy photo from some Lincoln vehicle. The bottom is a very old (fake) spy picture that I’ve seen many times, with the front end of a Flex and the rear end of the Taurus X, but it is just plain fake. Just look at the body of the Ford Explorer America Concept, the production model of that SUV will be pretty much be the exact same body style as the concept.

  2. They are actually of the same vehicle. I’m not sure if you are aware of the concept of car camouflage, but that is the case here. If you need any more info on this tradition, see this: http://www.motorauthority.com/blog/1024799_opel-reveals-car-camouflage-secrets


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