2011 Mustang base price cheaper than Camaro…

March 26, 2010

The 2011 Mustang is yet to hit dealership floors in the U. S. of A and base model pricing has already been leaked. And the best part? It’s still cheaper than the Camaro!

The 305-hp Mustang V6 starts at $22,995, while the 5.0-badged 412-hp Mustang GT starts at $30,495, with the V8 premium GT starting at $33,695. That’s some pretty potent bang for your buck, especially as both prices include destination charges. Consider that the 304-hp V6 Camaro starts at $23,530, a difference of $535. Of course, that’s for the 2010 Camaro, as Chevy has yet to release Camaro pricing for 2011.

The 426-horespower 2010 Camaro SS starts at $31,795, a difference of $1,300, with no 2011 prices announced yet. Of course, many people will be quick to point out that you do get more horsepower for the money (about $93 per pony according to our math). 

NOTE: All prices are USD.


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