Ford Becomes No. 1 in Sales in Europe…

April 18, 2010

Over the last few years, Ford has been making a great comeback. Not only are new faster, safer, more fuel efficient cars being released, but the overall build quality and reliability are proving to be among the best of the best – even Toyota and Honda! But we won’t go there about Toyota. Sales have been on the rise too as a ‘consequence’ of these new cars and their marketing. That’s all good, but what about Europe? Well, things are looking only better!

The Detroit Free Press reports that Ford is now the number-one selling brand in the ultra-competitive Europe market after March sales in the top 19 Euro countries outpaced the industry with a 11.5 percent sales gain. Ford’s sales boost during March boosted the company’s overall market share to 10.4 percent, up .4 percent versus the year ago period.

The big reason for Ford’s sales dominance in Europe is the new Fiesta. The Fiesta accounted for 68,000 of the company’s 192,500 sales for the month, up 28.6 percent versus last March. The Fiesta appears to be picking up sales momentum in Europe, even after finishing 2009 as the second highest-selling vehicle in Europe behind the Volkswagen Golf. The Fiesta, which was launched late in 2008 in Europe, arrives in U.S. dealerships this summer.

Source: Autoblog.com


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