MY2012 Ford Territory Caught Testing…

April 23, 2010

The Ford Territory has served Ford Australia VERY well in it’s first 6 years of sales. It took the BA Falcon and made a proper wagon out of it – like what should have been done with the Falcon Wagon in the first place! But with only 2 minor updates in those 6 years, the Territory is long overdue for a refresh. Cue spy shots…

The current ‘SY MkII’ model still sells an average of 800 units per month in Australia alone, which is quite sufficient for Ford Australia’s current manufacturing capacity. But, it’s out-dated 2006-spec ‘Barra’ Inline 6 is in dire-straits of needing an update.

We don’t know many (read any) details about either the I6 or I6 turbo powertrains, if they’ll become FG-spec engines or the Euro V versions in development, but what we do know is that the current ZF-Sachs 6 speed automatic transmission may become standard on all models, both RWD and AWD.

What about the upcoming 2.7 litre turbo-diesel V6? Well we still have zero info on this vehicle, apart from rumors suggesting that Ford’s new in-house 6 speed automatic transmission will be applied to this model. This then leads to speculation of the ZF’s demise in the whole Falcon/Territory range as two 6 speed automatic transmissions just doesn’t make sense.

Other than that, there is speculation of luxurious additions to separate the high end models from the rest like HID xenon lights with projector headlamps and LED tail lights on the outside.

What ever the go, we will have all the details – when available – right here at Ford News Blog.


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