Falcon 50th Anniversary Models Unveiled…

April 29, 2010

The Falcon nameplate will turn 50 come June 28 and to celebrate this automotive milestone, Ford has unveiled a range of six special edition Falcon’s. With four XR-based models and two G-Series based models, the 50th Anniversary is going to be a sweet one for the Falcon.

UPDATED: Links added for interior shots…

Based on both the sedan and ute variants of the XR6 and XR6 Turbo comes the ‘XR50’. With unique 18″ alloys for the XR6 models and 19″ alloys for the XR6 Turbo, ‘Mild Stealth’ upper and lower grille accents, fog lamp bezels and rear bumper insert, G6 tail lights, special badging, wing mirror indicators (for the sedans) and a unique stripe kit, the XR50 is one sexy beast!

Although there are no (full) interior pictures as of yet [see ford.com.au], the ‘XR50’ logo will be embroidered on the head rests of the seats and carpet mats and incorporated into the instrument cluster. The centre console and door spears will also be a unique trim available for only this model (but could probably become an option in the future).

Dual-zone climate climate control is standard fitment for the XR50, as is a leather-trimmed sports steering wheel and partial leather seat trim.

The G-Series 50th limited edition is very similar to the ‘XR50’. It entails ‘Light Stealth’ accents to the upper and lower grilles, fog lamp bezels and to the rear bumper insert. Unique 19″ alloys adorn the four corners of the G6E and G6E Turbo, whilst special 50th Anniversary badging appears on the front fenders and bootlid.

Internally, the G-Series models get a new leather seat trim with embroidered 50th Anniversary logos on the head rests, the carpet mats and the instrument cluster and scuff plates. As with the XR50, the centre console and door spears will be a unique trim to this model.

Satellite navigation and SUNA Traffic Channel are standard equipment for the G-Series models.

The 50th Anniversary range also helps launch three new colours for the FG range, with the XR-Series seeing a new orange hue added to the palette – ‘Sunburst’ orange, while the G-Series gets two new colours – a brown-bronze-mocha mix named ‘Havana’ and a new charcoal-grey ‘Edge’.

Pricing is yet to be announced, but Ford says all the detail for these (once more…) unique models will be released closer to their June release.

Stay tuned for all the info and some pictures of these beauties in the flesh… er… metal.

Oh, you thought I’d forgot the ute? Nah mate! 🙂

02010 Ford Falcon 50th Anniversary G6E Turbo

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