Ford Mondeo Range Update For Australia…

May 10, 2010

The Ford Mondeo has been on sale in Australia for 2 years now  – the wagon for only one. In that time it has won many awards with the Australian motoring journalist fraternity – especially the turbo diesel ‘TDCi’ variants for their frugality. But what they didn’t see coming was this – the updates for 2011 due here third quarter…

The current 2.0 litre Duratorq engine makes 103kW and 320Nm and is mated to a 6 speed automatic and is only available on the Zetec hatch and wagon and on the Titanium hatch.

Well, Ford today announced that the MB Mondeo range will see an update come third quarter with 4 new models.

The new and updated range goes as follows (new models in bold):

  • LX hatch (2.3l petrol /TDCi) – $30,540 / $35,540
  • LX wagon (2.3l petrol / TDCi) – $32,390 / $36,390
  • Zetec hatch (2.3l petrol / TDCi) – $35,740 / $39,240
  • Zetec wagon (2.3l petrol / TDCi) – $37,240 / $40,740
  • Titanium hatch (2.3l petrol / TDCi) – $42,740 / $46,240
  • Titanium wagon (TDCi) – $47,740

That’s all grand, but there is even better news for buyers interested in TDCi models.

The 2.0l Duratorq turbo-diesel 4-cylinder engine has received Euro V compliance upgrades which see a rise in power and torque and a reduction in fuel consumption.

New numbers go – max. power is 120kW (+17kW / 16%) and max. torque is 340Nm (+20Nm / 6%). Oh… That’s nice! But the best bit? A whopping 19% DECREASE in fuel consumption with the LX hatch TDCi using a mere 5.9l/100km (vs. 7.3l/100km), while the wagon variants ‘make do’ with slightly larger 6.2l/100km (vs. 7.3l/100km).

How has Ford done this? Well firstly, they have implemented Ford’s new smooth PowerShift dual-clutch automatic transmission. From there, Ford has used next-generation combustion system design – featuring a lower compression ratio, increased combustion chamber diameter and reduced swirl and a new higher-pressure common-rail fuel injection system with advanced multi-hole injectors, and smaller low-inertia variable-geometry turbochargers.

The wagon also has roof rails as standard – black on LX and silver on Zetec and Titanium models.

As part of the model update, Ford has added Hill Launch Assist (HLA) for all TDCi models.

Using the braking system, HLA is engaged when the car is stationary to prevent it from rolling. Effective on both uphill and downhill gradients, HLA is designed to provide a 2.5 second delay when the driver moves their foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal.

HLA is normally activated automatically, but the driver can also select a manual activation mode in the Human Machine Interface (HMI) instrument cluster.

There’s no specific launch dates for this ‘MB.5’ model, but Ford says these new models will be in showrooms by the third quarter of 2010.

Oh, and I forgot to mention – the 5.9l/100km rating for the LX hatch TDCi is 0.1l/100km BETTER than Toyota’s new Camry Hybrid. Hmm… time for a market shake-up anyone?

Stay tuned for more Ford news…


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