AIMS 2011: Ford Falcon EcoLPI Is Go…

July 1, 2011

Ford believes that the lack of a LPG-dedicated model (E-Gas) for the Falcon range for the whole of this year is one main factor towards the dwindling sales numbers of it’s large sedan. But Ford is back in the LPG game, and they’re in big time – introducing the new EcoLPI Falcon.

Image credit: CarAdvice.com.au

The new Liquid Phase Injection Falcon picks up where the E-Gas left off. This time, the EcoLPI gets the addition of the renowned ZF 6-speed automatic as found in petrol powered Falcons. Along with an all-new injection system, the new EcoLPI Falcon also creates the same power and torque as it’s petrol sibling when on premium (98 RON) fuel – 198kW @ 3250rpm and 409Nm @ 3250rpm – this a 27% gain in power and 10% increase in torque over the previous model.

Mileage and carbon emissions are also improved from the previous-gen engines. Based on the base model XT, the new EcoLPI motor can achieve 12.5l/100km – a 15% increase on the old 14.9l/100km. CO2  emissions have also plummeted  – 203g/km vs. the old 240g/km.

Based on current Sydney fuel prices (LPG 59.9c/litre vs. petrol 145.9c/litre) and 20,000km average yearly driving, drivers can expect to see savings of nearly $1,400.


  • Introduction of EcoLPi liquid phase injection LPG system to Australian market continues a year of technological innovation for Ford Australia
  • State-of-the-art EcoLPi engine utilises the most advanced LPG technology currently available to deliver across-the-board improvements
  • EcoLPi produces 27 per cent more power and 10 per cent more torque than the previous E-Gas LPG system

Ford Australia’s next-generation EcoLPi liquid injection LPG system will be on show for the first time at the Australian International Motor Show.

EcoLPi will be showcased in the latest FG Falcon. It is the most advanced LPG technology available on the market and arrives at a time when rising petrol prices are forcing motorists to seek alternative fuel sources.

The new EcoLPi powertrain will be available on both Falcon sedan and Falcon Ute, with both model line-ups featuring distinctive “EcoLPi” badging. In addition to the G6E EcoLPi on show at AIMS, the sedan EcoLPi line-up includes Falcon XT, G6, and XR6 variants, while EcoLPi on Falcon Ute extends to XL, R6 and XR6 variants, in both Cab Chassis and Styleside Box body configurations.

The new EcoLPi in-line six-cylinder engine is a state-of-the-art, liquid phase injection, dedicated LPG power-plant that delivers impressive fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions, as well as no compromise engine performance compared to Falcon’s existing petrol I6 engine.

“The introduction of EcoLPi represents another key pillar in Ford’s plan to bring a range of sustainability initiatives to market, following the launch of Australia’s first locally-produced diesel vehicle with the new SZ Territory, as well as the introduction of Ford’s patented EcoBoost engine technology on Mondeo,” Bob Graziano, President and CEO, Ford Australia said.

“Awareness of the climate change issue and the importance of cost of ownership to consumers has seen Ford deliver a range of product actions in recent years, which have introduced sustainable technologies that are conscious of both the environment and our customers.

“Improvements in fuel economy, CO2 emissions and cost of ownership have been achieved through a combination of engineering developments, the introduction of a new range of small and light cars, and the expanded availability of alternative fuel vehicles such as diesel and LPG.”

Liquid injection LPG is the most advanced LPG technology currently available and delivers significant driveability and operating improvements compared to the previous E-Gas venturi-style vapour system offered by Ford, including better fuel economy and substantial increases in both power and torque outputs.

“LPG is an alternative fuel that is readily available right across Australia and provides real benefits for Australian consumers, with reduced fuel costs contributing to a significant improvement in cost of ownership,” Graziano added.

“Falcon EcoLPi offers customers the power, torque and overall engine performance they expect from a traditional Aussie six, coupled with all the space, comfort and towing capability of a family sedan, while at the same time delivering the fuel costs of a smaller car.”

The cornerstone of the EcoLPi engine is the new injection system, which follows a similar fuel induction configuration to the petrol I6 engine courtesy of a new injector-based, high-pressure fuel rail that delivers liquid-state LPG fuel directly into the intake port.

Whereas traditional vapour LPG systems turn liquefied gas into vapour form before feeding it into the engine via a venturi in the throttle body, the liquid phase injection system takes the gas in liquid state all the way to the injectors.

Injecting the LPG fuel in a liquid state directly into the intake port in a more precise and controlled manner generates improved engine volumetric efficiency, which delivers better fuel economy, reduced CO2 emissions and greater engine performance.

As the LPG fuel is no longer under pressure once it is released from the injector, its sudden expansion and rapid cooling of the incoming air charge creates the ideal conditions for maximum fuel burning efficiency. This enables the engine to produce more power and torque, economically, and with fewer CO2 emissions.

The new EcoLPi engine develops 198 kW of power at 5000 rpm and 409 Nm of torque at 3250 rpm, which is identical to the petrol I6 engine when operating on higher octane 95 RON unleaded fuel (versus regular 91 RON unleaded).

For EcoLPi that represents a 27 per cent improvement in maximum power and a 10 per cent improvement in peak torque compared to the previous generation E-Gas LPG engine, which produced 156 kW and 371 Nm. Despite the significant increases in power and torque, fuel efficiency has also improved, along with a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions.

Official ADR 81/02 fuel consumption certification testing on EcoLPi has returned combined cycle results of 12.5 L/100km on Falcon XT and 12.6 L/100km on G6, G6E and XR6 models, which represent improvements of 16.1 per cent and 15.4 per cent respectively.

Similar reductions have also been achieved on CO2 emissions, with Falcon XT coming in at 203 g/km and G6, G6E and XR6 models at 204 g/km – down from 240 g/km on the previous E-Gas system – representing improvements of 15.4 per cent and 15 per cent respectively.

Technical highlights of the new EcoLPi powertrain include:

  • New fuel rail, including injectors, designed and developed specifically for the Ford EcoLPi engine
  • New design lightweight pistons, including low-friction ring pack
  • Higher compression ratio (12.0:1) to improve engine thermal efficiency and fuel consumption
  • New polymer fuel lines with a low thermal mass to keep the LPG fuel liquefied
  • New fuel line filter and in-tank filter added to prevent system/component contamination
  • Significant modifications to the fuel tank, including all-new internals and sub-level components, as well as a new high-pressure fuel pump
  • New catalytic converter – high density brick and new washcoat (common with I6 petrol engine)
  • Major calibration and engine management system modifications, including a new fuel priming strategy
  • Transmission upgrade to the acclaimed ZF six-speed automatic on all EcoLPi variants
  • The introduction of the EcoLPi engine option on Falcon – with its improved power and torque and reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, combined with the upgrade from a four-speed to a six-speed automatic transmission – will attract a modest $500 increase to the recommended option price over the previous E-Gas LPG system.
  • The EcoLPi engine option is available for the recommended Manufacturer’s List Price of $2,500.

More than 100,000 LPG-powered Falcon vehicles have been produced since a dedicated LPG system was first introduced in mid-2000, cementing Ford’s position as one of the leading alternative fuel vehicle suppliers in Australia.

With the introduction of the next-generation EcoLPi system, Ford will continue to be the only manufacturer to offer dedicated LPG technology to the Australian market.


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