AIMS 2011: FPV Unveils ‘Black Edition’ GT Concept…

July 1, 2011

It’s showtime here in Australia this weekend – the 2011 Australian International Motorshow is in Melbourne. As a means of celebration, FPV has unveiled their first ever concept car, a track ready GT ‘Black Edition’.

While the official unveiling is set to take place today, FPV showed off this image of their sinister beast on their website this morning along with this press release with all the details:


Ford Performance Vehicles today revealed its first-ever ‘concept car’ at the Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne.

The sinister all-black GT-based FPV concept features a number of bespoke features and design treatments not seen before.

“Taking our iconic FPV GT, we have put together a package of performance and design enhancements to demonstrate what could be done by FPV in the future,” Ford Performance Vehicles, General Manager, Rod Barrett said.

“The black-on-black treatment looks spectacular and it really changes the look of the car, so I’ll be very interested to hear what FPV enthusiasts think.”

FPV’s one-off concept car is powered by the supercharged Boss 5.0-litre V8 engine.

Finished in menacing Silhouette black paintwork, the FPV concept features a unique matt finish stripe package on the bonnet, rear wing and bodysides, a paint treatment that is also carried over to the rear diffuser.

Up front, large brake ducts are incorporated into the modified front facia, black framing has been used to enhance the rear light graphics treatment, and the vehicle carries a unique black GT badging.

The vehicle sits on 19-inch lightweight one-piece forged alloy rims, finished in black of course, which are 8.0 inches wide at the front and 9.5 inches wide at the rear, and all shod with special Dunlop SP Sportmaxx GT tyres.

Underneath there’s a track-tuned suspension specification and a full stainless steel high-flow twin exhaust system finished with quad black tips.

The performance brake package includes larger six-piston brake calipers up front and four-piston brake calipers at the rear, which are also both finished in black.

Inside, the all-black theme continues with black leather trim throughout and an all-black dash treatment that includes the interior command centre (ICC).

“We’ve equipped the vehicle with the GT’s ‘most ticked’ options, such as leather trim and reversing camera. That way, it’s a reflection of what our buyers are choosing and gives us a ‘real world’ basis to get people thinking,” Rod Barrett said.

“That’s what this concept car is about – we wanted to demonstrate the possibilities, explore the future and gauge public opinion to assist us with the evolution of FPV product.”

The FPV concept joined the supercharged Boss 335kW V8 GT-P and 315kW GS Ute on the stand at the Australian International Motor Show.


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  1. Here are some copies of letters I emailed to Ford about improving the Falcon and making it into a global car:

    4WD Falcon Sedan,Ute And Territory

    Make an optional 4wd version of the 2011 Falcon sedan and Ute version too-use the 4wd version that is used in the 2011 territory.That would Make the Falcon sedan and Ute good for all weather driving.

    It should be quite simple to use the 4 Wheel drive version of the Territory platform for a 4 wheel drive version of the current Falcon Sedan and Ute version-The territory is built on the Falcon platform and uses a 4wd version of it!
    Cost-Time and cost to design the modification of sedan and ute version to accomodate 4wd option.
    Here is evidence of a market for full size rear drive with optional 4wd sedans.Competition:Buyers of these vehicles are potential Ford customers: Full size BMW’s,Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger,Caddilacs,Mercedes,Jaguar,Porche,Lexus Toyota,Nissan Infiniti,Ferrari,Hyundai Genesis and Equus etc.
    Having the Falcon sedan and ute. version with optional 4wd for all weather driving would also make them great sellers in North America as 2012 models Crown Victoria/Town Car and Ranger Pickup Truck.


    Mustang/Falcon Exchange For 2012

    Retrofit v6 Falcon with Mustang v6 in exchange for I4 as base model Mustang engine.

    It is to my understanding that Ford plans to make the Mustang into a global car.Here is a way to do that and do the same thing with the Australian built Falcon-Exchange them!The exchange would be build a Crown Victoria/Town Car as a left hand drive version of the Falcon and Ranger Pickup truck as a left hand drive “Falconranger”which is how I describe the Falcon Ute possibly at the St.Thomas plant that is slated to close and/or at the factory that makes the 2011 Ranger Pickup truck.
    Build right hand drive version of Mustang at some Australian factory.Give Falcon Duratech v6 engine from Mustang in exchange for soon to come Ecoboost I4 for improved Power and Fuel economy.
    Cost-cost of retooling St.Thomas and/or Ranger factory in North America and retooling,building or expanding a factory in Australia.would eliminate cost of left/right hand drive conversion and cost of intercontinental delivery.


    Mustang/Falcon V6 Exchange For 2012

    Use the Liquid Petroleum Injection I6 engine from the Falcon in the Mustang in exchange for the Duratech v6 as the gasoline version to replace the cast iron gasoline version of the current I6 in the Falcon.

    Mustang gets the optional 265 hp 302 lbft (409 nm) torque liquid petroleum injection engine while the Falcon gets the duratech v6 as the gasoline version.
    The v6 Falcon gets improved fuel economy,power,and improved weight distribution,and reduced production cost by junking the cast iron gasoline engine.
    The LPG version of the Mustang while having slightly more frontal mass,would benifit by having the same refueling cost ‘per litre/gallon’ as the Lpg powered Falcon making both cars great for global production.Falcons and Mustangs with the optional LPG engine would also be great sellers in North America as 2012 Crown Victoria/Town Car and probably even better in Europe as resurrected Scorpio where gas prices are the highest.Both LPG opitonal engined cars can actually benefit from the high gas prices!

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