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Time to hang up the keyboard?

April 13, 2012

Hello all!

It’s been well over 3 years since I started this blog and it’s been a pleasure to keep you all up to date on the latest news from the automotive industry in relation to the Ford Motor Company. As of late time has become an expensive commodity for myself with moving towns and university etc. and I don’t think that I will have any time to continue updating the blog with the latest news. So it is time to bid you all farewell and I hope you all take care. Also, here’s a great link for you to keep up with auto news –



FNB on Twitter is Go!!!

July 7, 2011

Want to keep up with all the latest in Ford news and you have Twitter? Good news! Ford News Blog is now on Twitter! Receive every new article right in your Twitter feed the second they appear online!


Ford 107 Years Young…

June 18, 2010

Just an announcement folks – the Ford Motor Company turns a youthful 107 today, and we would like to wish Ford a happy birthday and good luck for the next 107 years of making the best cars and trucks!


K.I.S.S. or zealous detail???

January 19, 2010

I light of the following comment – “…I didn’t really read the article either. I like short and to the point articles…” – I would like to take a poll on your opinion whether I should continue on detailing every new Ford, or being very precise and to the point with all the details you really care about.

So, now is the time to voice your opinion!


Ford News Blog v3.0…

October 18, 2009

Introducing Ford News Blog 3.0!!!!

Welcome folks to the new and improved Ford News Blog v3.0!  A new theme and banner are leading the way in a constantly changing world – one which is filled with beautiful Fords! And speaking of Fords, we will still continue to deliver ALL the very best in Ford news from all over the wide world of ours. Spread the word!!!

Ford News Blog v3.0

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It’s holidays time…

April 10, 2009

Dear Ford News Blog readers,

I am informing you that from today till the 18th April 2009 there will be no updates for FNB as the family and myself are going on holidays (yay!!!). But in the meantime, you can read Autoblog for all your Ford news.

Sorry for any inconveniences

Go the blue team!


PS: Make sure you comeback after the 18th!!! 😉


I’m back…

December 10, 2008

Hello everybody!

After (a lifetime of) 1 week’s holidays I’m back in the building to bring you the latest in Ford news! Sorry for any inconveniences I caused by my quite abrupt holidays! 😀

Cheers, Ben


Editors note…

October 6, 2008

To all Ford News Blog’s loyal readers out there…

If you have been watching over this blog over the past week, you may have noticed that no stories have been posted. And with the Paris International Motor Show starting this week, it was a very inconvenient time for the holidays to pop up as my family and myself decided to go on a week long camping trip. So I am terribly sorry that all you Ford lovers have missed out on all the goss. So to make up, I will post up all the weeks (or as many as possible) news TODAY! 🙂

So sit back, ‘chillax’ and have a great time catching up with the latest in Ford news…

Cheers, Ben.

PS: The camping trip was great! 😉


FNB is open!

August 19, 2008

Welcome to the latest & greatest (ok, not quite, but it rhymed!) motoring blog on the net! There is a twist though as this is a Ford based blog. We specialize in any news remotely FoMoCo related! So, if you like your Blue Ovals – join up! 🙂

Cheers, Ben – Ford News Blog Admin & the FNB team…