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Alas Poor Mercury, For We Knew Him Well…

June 4, 2010

From day dot, Mercury was considered the first step into getting yourself into a luxury Ford product. Back in 1939 when Edsel Ford introduced the brand, that was totally true. But fly forward 70 years to 2010 and Mercury tells a different story. No longer is the brand as unique as it used to be – with only re-badged grilles and some updated bumpers to tell apart the models from their “cheaper” Ford cousins. But, Ford has announced that due to dwindling sales figures over the past 10 years and only making up about 0.8% of Ford’s current marketshare that the brand must go… in aid of developing Lincoln.

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NYC 2010: Lincoln MKZ Hybrid joins the fleet for 2011…

April 2, 2010

The 2010 New York International Motor Show has seen Lincoln unveil a new model for it’s MKZ range – the new MKZ Hybrid. Follow the jump for more information…

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Ford Kuga replacing Escape? Lincoln + Mercury models to follow???

November 4, 2009

Source: Autoblog

How’s this for an odd twist – Ford essentially kicked off the SUV craze with its Explorer, an embiggened four-door Ranger. And man, did we go crazy. Before the cheap-gas bubble burst, slightly more than half of all passenger vehicles sold here in America were SUVs. Just below the Explorer was and is Ford’s little truck (which is no longer little) the Escape.

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Ford (USA) outsells Toyota in April…

May 2, 2009

Ford USA (incl. Lincoln and Mercury) have, for the first time in a year, over-turned market leader, Toyota, and have managed to sell more cars. Ford’s final tally was 129,898 which is a 31% drop over April 2008 sales, whereas Toyota, at 126,540, dropped 42% over the same period.

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Ford donates $20 from every test drive to charity…

May 1, 2009

Ford has unveiled a new plan to donate $20 from every test drive of all Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Press release after the jump.

Image credits: Autoblog

Image credits: Autoblog

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Ford Escape + Mercury Mariner get more safety gadgets…

March 7, 2009

The Escape and Mariner brothers have gained a few new features to REALLY set them apart from the competition. These things include Blind-Spot mirrors, Rear View Cameras (with intergrated LCD display screen), MyKey, Active Park Assist (as featured on the Lincoln MKS) and a new SYNC system featuring new traffic update system, sat-nav and car information.

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REPORT: Ford Police Interceptor to go FWD or AWD?

January 21, 2009

It’s hard to turn away as loyal customer base as Ford has for its Police Interceptors, but the writing is on the wall for the Ford Crown Victoria, and has been for some time. The full-size sedan is based on Jurassic-era technology, and as of last year, it was taken off the consumer market and is available essentially only by fleet purchase for police, taxis and such.

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